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Mary's great hobby was watercolor illustration.  She had talent, which perhaps you can see despite my poor photographic skills.  This scene hanging from the cabin wall shows the wonderful mountain across the River.  Her sons, Bob & Dick, crossed the Potomac & scaled the hill when they were in high school.  No mean feat.

Another PSI scene from Mary's wonderful brushes.  This view, also hanging from a cabin wall, shows the walkway to Bob & Mary's cabin, 'Ellinside', from PSI's community cabin, named simply Cabin #1, which sits unseen behind the painter.  'Number 1' was the first cabin built at Potomac Shores and was reconstructed numerous times.  It was also the last cabin to be razed by Park Service.

Uncle Bob hung these broken fishing/duck boat propellers on his cabin wall to remind everyone about the rockiness of the River.  One of these bears the annotation, 'I broke it', along with the accident date.
Uncle Bob was a character who loved jokes, the more distasteful, the better.  When he found something he liked, he pinned it on the wall in the great room.  Here were his rules of the house.
Drinking was another of Bob's cabin-time favorites.  Here's his ode to that.
To Bob, hunting was a great reason for rising on winter mornings.  Here's a ditty he liked about hunters.
Here's sage advice for anyone.
Ya gotta know the weather before you go hunting or fishing.  Unless you partied too hard the night before, in which case it really doesn't matter.
Teamwork, a wonderful American tradition!
Bob amused us by blaming anonymous 'West Virginia women' for just about everything.  Here they are on a 1962 calendar demurely promoting some product or other.
Here's something he liked about women as they age.  Don't show this to your mother or your wife.
A keen observation about the accounting profession.
Love works in wonderous ways, eh?
Except for my Uncle Rodney, who traveled to amazing numbers of exotic places on business, Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary traveled more widely than anyone I know, all on vacation.  Bob especially liked Denmark's 'sex shops'.  Here are souvenir posters he bought in Copenhagen and posted in his cabin's shower/storage room.



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