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Bob & Mary pose for one of my last PSI photos of them, in the 1980s.
Bob fishing for carp in the 1970s.
An insect friend comes to call.
Helgramites, the pincered, amphibious larval stage of something, were among Bob's favorite baits.  You found them under rocks. To catch them, you extended a net adjacent to but just downstream of a target area, then lifted upstream rocks.  The critters would detach from the rocks and float into the net.  Here, Dad and Bob catch the exceedingly ugly, roach-like creatures.  Bass love 'em.
Here's the famous swimming hole/carp refuge.  PSI founders created this lagoon by digging out boulders with giant front-end loaders 'borrowed' from the quarry operations of Teeter Stone, Inc.  No permits necessary.
Here's one of Bob's great fishing boats, with his venerable customized motor, at a PSI dock.  The swimming hole is in the background.
From out on the boat in the middle of the River, here's a picture of the bridge that connects Point of Rocks, Harpers Ferry, and the State of Virginia.  The hill that holds Harpers Ferry can be seen just beyond the bridge.
Uncle Bob built duck blinds on islands in the middle of the River.  He was famous for using hundreds of pounds of cracked corn as illegal bait.
Potomac Shores cabins seen from the River.
Another River view of PSI cabins.
And another.
Still another.
The Marone cabin was PSI's only year-round structure.  It's concrete block walls and insulation protected occupants & plumbing alike.  Doc & his wife occasionally served us wonderful Italian dishes on Sundays. Afterwards, Mom, Dad and I would head back to McDonogh School, where I boarded, for required Sunday evening vespers & study hall.
Morning fog on the River.
The fog created shifting shapes.
Still more.
And more.

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