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In 1994-95, Janice & Fred added two floors of modern space to the back of the house.  Here's the new 1st fl living room.  The new master bedroom & jacuzzi bath is upstairs.  We also created a piano room/side entry, centrally air conditioned the entire house, and wired the house for mulitmedia.

The project was extensive.  Vendors we appreciated most included:

Sharon Weidner of Nancy Foreman Design

Bill Thomas & Bruce Grimes of Blue Sky Ventures

Larrick Heating & Air Conditioning

Kyle Company Electrical Contractor

Mason Barry Garland

Gramophone Ltd.

Here's another view.  The exposed brick in the background is the exterior wall of the 1840s section.
Here's our home entertainment center designed by Susan Leahy and constructed, circa 1996, by Wordworks Best, of Baltimore.
Another view of the home entertainment center.

This new stairway in the 1840s section connects the 2nd floor to a new driveway-side entrance lobby/piano room downstairs.  Hanging on the right is a framed oil-on-silk illustration of 'Calibri', Caribbean humming birds, that we purchased during our 1992 honeymoon in St. Barts.

Another view of the new stairway.  The brick wall to the left is the exterior of the original house built in the 1790s.

Janice took the photos hanging on the wall just ahead during her visit to Ireland with sisters and her gravely ill Mother in 1993.  Doris Uhlhorn died of lung cancer soon afterwards.

A nice view of the stairway in natural light.  All of the floors in the addition are matched, random-width, 3/4 inch ash plank.

In 1998, we installed ceramic tile on the side porch to cover badly chipped, 100+ year old concrete.  This view shows the side garden next to the addition, and the 'bird garden' just beyond.  Note the lid to the cistern well in the foreground.

Here's the back patio, designed by Fred and installed by local masons in 1996.  The porch roof covering the Marvin slider was designed by Baylor CAD of Westminster and installed by Michael DeCesare in 2005.
Here's our bird & butterfly garden.  It doubles as a snack-time hang-out for our 16-year old cat, Snowball, and her furry neighborhood nemesis, Cousin Cat.
Our 1800's barn, today.
Here's our 'two-holer' outhouse in the foreground, and pheasant coop behind.  In 2005, neighborhood friend and hobbyist-carpenter Roland Childs used Fred's design to build two holding pens for pheasant chicks that you can barely see inside the coop.  Roland fox-proofed the coop at the same time.  Roland and his wife, Barbara, rented the apartment in the house from Bill Devilbiss briefly during the 60s.
Here's an ancient corn crib attached to the barn.




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