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Left:  A 1981 view of the house from the driveway.  Buzby Restorations replaced the Victorian windows with Federal period recreations made by Mr. Mummert, a woodworker from nearby Littlestown, PA.  Janice sold her new Toyota Celica to pay for them.

Right:  The same view today.

Left:  New windows!

Right:  The same scene today.


Left:  Tom Buzby stands on the storm cellar steps as he works on a window installation just above.

Right:  The same scene today.

Left:  Another view of Tom at work in 1981.

Right:  A similar view today.  Years later, Tom erected the arbor to the right which is covered with climatis and pea vine.

Left:  Janice, pictured, and Brom dug a big garden in the back yard circa 1983.

Right:  A similar view of the same area today.

Left:  In the 1980s, the owner of the house, Dr. Thomas Shreve, built an office to see patients.  It first sat in what is now the driveway to the right of the house.  Later, it was moved behind the house and used for butchering and storage.  In 1988 or so, Janice commissioned Buzby Restorations to relocate it to a parcel near the original location.

Right:  A view today of the 1995 addition, which sits where the Doctor's office had been.

Left:  A view of the foundation pad built by Buzby to accept the Drs. office.

Right:  A view of the Doctor's office today.

Left:  The Doctor's office sitting on its new foundation in 1988.

Right:  The view today.  Janice used Maryland historic tax credits & $ 25k to restore this structure in 1993.  The job was designed by Susan Leahy.  Buzby Restorations performed the work.  In 2004, after sitting unused for many years, 'Janice's Folly' finally became Fred's office.

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