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Left:  This is how the oldest section of the house, a modest two bricks thick structure from 1793, looked in 1980.  Originally a kitchen,   Bill Devilbiss converted it to a living room, probably in the 1950s.

Right:  Here's the same view today.  In 1981, while restoring this room as a kitchen, Janice sealed the door to the Devilbiss' former bedroom & retained talented local craftsman Richard Blacksten to hand-build cabinets & pantries (shown) using wood milled from old Carroll County barns.  She also replaced the original floor joists & overhead beams with old barn pieces.

Left:  A view of the same room in 1980, looking south toward the entrance to the kitchen.

Right:  How it looks today.  Note the Brethren church pew/love feast table to the right. During renovations, Janice discovered and restored the large cooking fireplace hiding underneath a small 'false' fireplace, seen at left.

Left: The 2nd fl bedroom in the front of the house in 1980.

Right:  The same view today.

Left:  The Devilbiss' 1st floor bedroom in 1980.  The entire 2nd floor was an apartment.

Right:  The same view in 1988 during the Uniontown Candlelight House Tour.  A living room from 1982 to 1995, it's a formal dining room today.

Left:  In 1980, the house featured 6 fireplaces.  Janice retained local builder Buzby Restorations to restore four of them.   Each was razed to the basement and rebuilt, using a combination of original brick & modern, fire-safe brick.

Right:  The view today.

Left:  Janice created a full bathroom and adjacent laundry area with closets on the 2nd floor in 1981.  Historic restoration specialist & neighbor Mary Ellen Bay was the talented designer/consultant on all of the restoration work performed in the early 1980s.

Right:  A similar view today.




Left:  Mary Ellen called for converting a child's 1st floor playroom from the 1800s into a tiny but effective full bath.

Right:  The view today.

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