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Florida 2003
Florida 2002
Anna Maria Island Live Web Cam

The four-house community of Gulfside Village in Holmes Beach in early August 2002. 109 75th is the second house from the right.
Our house, built by Reed W. Mapes, Inc., 2000-2001. Purchased from the developer January 2001.
A partial view of the master bedroom (and beyond)!

Our Gulf view from the master bedroom balcony.



A friend drinks from our neighbor’s pool.
‘POW South,’ our great beach wagon donated in 2001 by Jim, Vickii & Paul Thomas of Westminster, MD and dedicated to the memory of visits to the former Thomas-Weech beach house in Point O’ Woods, on Fire Island, NY.
Janice in 2002, enjoying our typical beach encampment, just 75 yards from the house.
Another view from the encampment.
Fred enjoying avian pursuits. Do sea gulls tire of eating before feeders run out of food? No.
A loggerhead turtle nest identified and protected by the good volunteers of the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch Club. Signs on each protective enclosure note the date when the 100 or so eggs were laid, the date when the nest was moved (if it was) and when the hatchlings are likely to emerge.

It’s never the same, which is why admirers gather for it every night.

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