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DYE 4 Lead Radician Kevin Delaney enjoys the extraordinary view from the radome catwalk. We had 'powered down' the antenna for maintenance. Had it been operating, we might have suffered severe microwave burns.  Before powering down, prior military approval was needed, and coverage assured at adjacent sites DYE 3 and in Keflavik, Iceland. Kevin was (and probably still is) a strange bird. He didn't like rules and he didn't particularly like me, so being up there with him - illegally - was strange.  Still, I appreciated the opportunity.  Kevin was a tremenous photographer who spent much of his considerable DEW Line pay on equipment.  Years later, I invited him by e-mail to post some of his many photos on the DEW Line pages of my site.  He never replied.
From atop the radome, here was the view west toward Kap Dan, the mainland village of Angmassalik (neither are in view) and the mountains fringing the enormous inland ice cap.
This is the view in a similar direction (see above) from a lower elevation on a different day, when the peculiar condition I called ‘undercast’ crept from the sea to surround the station and make it seem as though we were floating atop clouds. The circumstances were rare but the effect exquisite.
Here’s the undercast creeping in from a different direction.
This shows the RTF building and one of our tropo antennae bracketed the moon during a beautiful fall or spring evening. Note the semi-darkness of the arctic twilight.
Another endless & indescribable sunset along Greenland’s east coast on a nice spring or fall evening.
Icebergs were plentiful!
The sun at its customary fall and spring azimuth over the North Altantic.
What can I say? It was beautiful there.

Ditto. The same general view from above, panned left.

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