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This little guy was our guide from DYE 4 to the native village at Kap Dan. I was joined on this June 1977 hike by six U.S. Air Force technicians who were installing gear at the station. We used the main access road for several miles, then left that graded comfort for a more interesting trek on a well-worn native trail.
We also used this service road.
A typical, rock-strewn, mossy landscape in the Kulusuk Island lowlands.
Lush plant life!
More of the trail.
A field of lichen.
Fording an icy stream.
Another type of lichen. Beautiful!
How about this moss?
Long time Danish worker & good guy Torbin Dahl lived here, near the native village, on a site that ensured peace and quiet.
Approaching the native village.
The bay & marina at Kap Dan.

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