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My other big adventure with Ron was a hike to the southeast side of the island and a destination that locals called ‘Blue Beach’. I don’t think I’ll ever tread a more interesting or memorable path. Here’s a view of DYE 4, our starting point, from an impossibly craggy point of rock (I wasn’t real comfortable while shooting this picture).
Early in our hike, Ron snapped this picture of me with the station in the background. I kept my camera lenses in pouches hanging from my belt. To get a different lens, I had to unbuckle. Ron thought it was funny.
Not bad for a guy who hates heights.
Blue Beach was an oasis, full of water and the things that thrive from it. As I recall, Ron bet me that I couldn’t ford this stream without getting wet. He was partly right.
I turned around to take this photo of Ron, who posed atop a slightly bigger perch.
A view of the Island to the west, from our high vantage point.
Descending toward Blue Beach from more precarious positions.
Another view, to the northwest.
Blue Beach, dead ahead! If we don’t start a rock slide on the way down…
Almost there. What a change in topography and vegetation!
The ‘beach’ at Blue Beach.

A look back up the hill.

Snow that never melts.
Ron surveys the landscape just above the beach.

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