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How's this for an inviting beach experience?  This is the Arctic Ocean shoreline, probably at LIZ 3, near Wainwright, AK.
Tom Dameworth, during some off-hours clowning around.
Tom Damewroth again.  We went 'sailing' that day in his new LL Bean canoe to check his illegal salmon lines.  Those silver salmon sure tasted good.
Here is Jack "Tatoos" Teague at LIZ 3, which closed in 1989.  Clive Beckmann reports that Jack passed away in the early 90s.
More life on the tundra!  I don't know what sort of birds these were, but we enjoyed watching them grow.
Caribou antlers!
Caribou carcass.
Another shot of the same carcass.
Alaska DEW Line stations received larger supply shipments and inspectors ferried by these C-130 'Hercules' prop aircraft.  Also called 'smokers' for their considerable black exhaust, the planes enjoyed the ability to take off & land on short runways or, using skiis, on snow and ice.  These versatile, reliable planes were DEW Line work horses.
C-130 cockpit.
C-130 cockpit.  A different view.

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