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The LIZ 3 garage, 1978.
Billy Pakotak, left, and Felton Segevan, right, were long time employees at LIZ 3.  Standing between them is Tom Ontko, or "22 Tom", the site chief.  All three were avid hunters.  Felton is deceased. Billy still lives in nearby Wainwright and, at an age nearing 80, continues to go hunting and fishing.  His son, George, still communicates with former Sector Communications & Electronics Supervisor Clive Beckmann, who provided this information.
Snowmobiles, probably parked outside LIZ 3, in 1978.  Natives and station personnel alike used them for off-hours site-seeing and hunting excursions.
The LIZ 3 (or POW 2) pick-up truck.
Tundra, as far as the eye can see.  The flat horizon is one of several reasons we enjoyed the finest fall and spring sunsets anyone could ever see.
My friend, the Snowy Owl.
'Snowy' perched in the distance.
Snowy's chicks.  Being too ignorant to know better back then, I visited the nest too often.  Snowy abandoned her offspring, who died.
The tundra comes alive during the brief arctic summer.
Here are my POW 2 excursion hosts, one of whom is friend and fellow console operator Tom Dameworth of Tennessee, during a spring jaunt out onto the Kuk River.  Tom loved to poach salmon there.  And I'm not referring to his preferred method of cooking . . .

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